Market Watch

Market Watch is a living, breathing, dynamic database pulling information from a number of online data sources. This enables us to measure key outlet level metrics over time – from  retailer proposition through to consumer behaviour, including how busy an outlet is through the week, how long – on average – consumer stay through to how consumers rate and feel about service and value. Trended data can be supplied weekly, monthly or quarterly – depending on your requirement.

By trending data over time we can measure movement in key analytics and answer important questions, such as:

  1. Does the outlet promise live up to consumer perceptions?
  2. Is dwell time increasing or decreasing?
  3. Are outlets promoting what consumers want to hear?
  4. Which outlets are on the way up and which on the way down?
  5. How do your outlets perform vs their competitors?

NEW: Market Watch Weekly Reopening Reports

As the Lockdown eases, make sure you’re ready for a fast start. Talk to us about our new Weekly Reopening Reports. Simple presentation, refreshed and updated every week; understand which outlets are opening up first, have permanently closed and which outlets are getting busiest quickest.


We examine what Retailers are promoting versus what customers are talking about online via reviews.


  • Analysis of the when outlets are busy vs. their competitors
  • Online interactions of customers

Staying Power

What is the average length of customer occasion vs. competitors.

Consumer Promise

Customers ratings of the offer.

Winners & Losers

What are the growth outlets promoting vs those that are declining.


Customer’s view of price.


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