Hair & Beauty Reopening Reports

Posted by Oxford Partnership

If you want to be ready for a fast start when the Hair & Beauty sector reawakens talk to us about our new Reopening Report.

In short, our Reopening Report will provide insight into the victors and victims of the lockdown to give you a fast start out of the blocks allowing you to understand and target the hungrier salons first.

Our report will monitor the speed of recovery at salon level, tracking Occupancy and Dwell time and how they change over the coming weeks.

In addition, we will review salons’ own websites and gauge consumer sentiment by virtue of their reviews, which should enable us to see consumer confidence (or lack thereof) first-hand.

We will also analyse rateable value data from the Valuation Office which will help to identify the more sizeable salons.

All of this will be delivered in simple spreadsheet format and by regional heatmaps.

At its core, this report is about gaining insight into the future shape of the Health & Beauty Sector overall and helping to identify key triggers as the industry begins to reawaken.

We can even overlay your own data to create a bespoke report for your business.

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