30 years in the making

The Oxford Partnership was formed in 1990 as a consequence of the government’s ‘Beer orders’ which aimed to break up the dominance of the big brewers in the UK on licence market. The resulting turmoil created a raft of opportunities for consultants as the brewers struggled to shape their new strategies.

Those first few projects for the brewers spawned a business with its core within the drinks sector but also spreading into others, notably food and automotive.

As the company grew through the nineties and naughties the world was witnessing a digital revolution. A sea change was happening that would have considerable impact on marketing and sales functions. The company grasped the challenge and invested in developing its own technological expertise focused on sales and marketing channels. This investment led to work for global clients across global markets.

We continue to invest and improve our capability to provide clients with solutions with a technological core. Solutions that are faster, fitter, functional and deliver great value for money.

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