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The world is awash with data. Every second of every day data about us is being collected – where we go, what we do, what we like, what we buy, how much we spend – masses and masses of data, and it’s growing exponentially. It is estimated that over 90 per cent of the data in the world has been generated in the last two years. Jaw-dropping volumes of data but crucially when translated, filtered and humanised can reveal insight and spotlight commercial opportunity.

This is where we come in – creating simplicity from complexity.

We employ some of the sharpest brains and utilise the latest technology to create products and services that will interrogate, analyse and harness big data to capture the hidden nuggets that can be transformational for your business.

Because data without expert, intelligent interpretation is not nearly as powerful.

We work with companies across the globe delivering informed solutions enabling them to focus their sales and marketing activities and drive growth.

Let us give your insights an edge, enabling you to make informed, commercially proven decisions for your sales and marketing activities.

Driving growth through dynamic data

We deliver practical solutions from dynamic data. Data that is continually and consistently collected, refreshed and enhanced to make sure it is current. This feeds into an ever evolving data warehouse, rich in potential, providing the ability to spot movement in key measures by trending over time.

Using our base data and layering other bespoke data on top creates data sets unique to individual clients and projects. For one client, our data overlaid with demographics and their own EPOS data has resulted in the most accurate and informative database they have ever had and is now the core of their sales and marketing activity.

Data is never perfect but with our robust processes and protocols and an almost religious fervour for improvement we constantly strive for freshness and accuracy.

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Gives your insights a precision edge
Unlocks market understanding
Provides fresh perspectives, not tired clichés
Continually evolves to give you the ‘now’ not the ‘then’

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